Jezabels A Hit Despite Reservations

Sydney locals and international sensations, The Jezabels were a sold out hit on Thurs night, 20th October at the UOW Unibar, despite initial reservations from Unibar management.

Nathan Stratton, Unibar’s manager admits initial concerns that The Jezabels wouldn’t be a hit at Wollongong’s Unibar because of the little exposure in terms of advertising and promotion for the event.

“I just didn’t know how well [the tickets] were going to sell. We’re responsible for the promotion of the events and there just wasn’t enough hype.” Stratton said.

Since the devolve of  the midle-man to an outsourced booking agency, Big Apachee, bands are no longer being booked and paid for by the University itself. This was sparked by the discontinuation of students having to pay a $150 fee in order to keep venues like the Unibar funded as well as other organisations like WUSA and URAC .

“When we were getting that $150 from each student, Unibar and Unicentre had a lot more control over which bands play here.” Stratton adds.

According to Stratton events used to be free, but now that booking is outsourced, events can cost up to $45. In the case of the Jezabells, Stratton voiced his concern to Big Apachee employees responsible for booking the event only to save them from the finanical cost.

“we don’t have to carry the finanical burden like we used to, it’s all on Big Apachee but we still have no make sure we promote the event successfully.” Nathan said.

Working in conjunction with Unicentre Event coordinator, April West, Nathan makes sure the university has some say in what band plays. Although it may not be much of a say, Nathan confident that students not only come for the music but for environment as well.

“I like Jezabels, but I liked how I could just leave class, have a few beers and then get the party started.” Arts student Luke Demetriou said.

Hey Rosetta! and Alpine were the supporting acts.

Jezabels Killing It On Stage


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