Caffeine Consumption At An All-Time High at UOW

Coffee consumption at the university of Wollongong is at an all time high, according to recent ESI figures showing that the UOW campus drinks more than 3,000 coffees a week.

With over nine different places to get coffee on campus, students and staff are never too far from a quick caffeine fix and despite the negative connotations surrounding caffeine addiction, that may not be such a bad idea.

Aside from the highly addictive properties of caffeine being a cause for concern amongst the medical community, Caffeine has also shown to have positive effects on both body and the mind.

Registered Nurse and mother of four university students, Carmel Chidgey is quick to dispel the negativity surrounding caffeine.

“Caffeine actually helps the body’s digestive system by increasing the amount of digestive acids in our system.” Chidgey said.

However, Chidgey is also careful to promote intake in moderate amounts. “It’s like most things. Coffee is best in moderation.” She adds

Along with several other positive attributes of caffeine consumption, perhaps the most important among university students is caffeine’s ability to improve memory capacity and mental performance.

Studies have shown that caffeine can in fact temporarily improve concentration and alertness. It’s no surprise then that UOW coffee stands and cafes are churning out 3,000 cups every week.

Rush2, one of the smallest coffees stands on campus sells approx. 600 to 700 cups a day alone. Arguably the busiest coffee stands on campus.

“Wednesdays and Thursdays are by far our busiest days.” Part-time employee, David Moson said.

At an average of $3.00 per cup, coffee houses can make up to $2,000 on their busiest days, if not more.

“The coffee trade at UOW is on hell of a money-maker.” Moson adds

Another busy day for Rush2


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