Internet Quota Increased: UOW Students Addicted To Facebook

Internet Quota was extended to cater to an estimated 90% of UOW students who access the social networking website, Facebook on Campus.

Figures on the amount of students accessing Facebook are gathered from the requests for quota extensions from students who had exceeded their allocated amount last year. According to IT Supervisors, Facebook is by far the most accessed website.

As of this year, a decision to extend the quota saw a increase from 40MB, just a quarter of the amount it is today.

This increase however, came all too late for students who previously were denied extended quota and shut out from the University’s Internet System until the end of semester.

Alexandra Lawson, a second year Marketing Student was one of hundreds denied extended quota due to Facebook and therefore unable to continue using the University’s Internet, including for research purposes.

“I was denied because the top three sites I visited were Facebook.” Lawson said.

Similarily, Arava Riemer a friend and fellow classmate of Alexandra had difficulties last year with the small Internet Quota.

“I ran out in my 7th week. It was very frustrating.” Said Reimer

Raymond Li, a Lab Supervisor in Building 11 is quick to estimate the extent of Facebook use on campus.

“Pretty much everyone uses Facebook, but the funny thing is it doesn’t take up that much space.” Li explains

Li adds that the usage of Facebook amongst students is so high that they must flood their quota without realizing it.

Facebook has become such an integral part of life for many people, especially the student community. Socially, it is how students connect to one another, their place of business, and UOW itself.

UOW has over 15 Facebook pages ranging from the UOW Campus Official page to the University of Wollongong Anime & Manga Club page.



You can find UOW at


Students making the most of UOW's computer labs


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