Oktoberfest At Unibar Packed To The Rafters

The University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Unibar reached far beyond the recommended maximum capacity at the annual Oktoberfest celebrations on Thursday evening, 6th October.

Health and safety requirements dictate that the UOW Unibar is to hold a maximum capacity of 750 patrons, however during Oktoberfest, an estimated 1200 guests came through the doors. Fears of violence or drunken disorder where highlighted when Patrons were seen lining up around the corner to get in.

“It was absolutely crazy.” Said Jaimee Mulder, a UOW Unibar employee.

Each year, the staff members at Unibar and Unicentre anticipate huge crowds to gather to participate in this annual event. To cater to the overwhelming amount of patrons, temporary fencing is erected around the entrance of the Bar. This allows for event organisers and security to better control and monitor participants.

Former Kings Cross LAC Police constable, Garry Dobson reminds owners of all establishments to adhere to maximum capacity guidelines.

“Exceeding the safe amount of patrons in any bar is dangerous. The recommended limits are there for a reason.” Garry said

Despite initial safety concerns from both employees and the security hired for the event, Oktoberfest ran fairly smoothly with only a handful of students being escorted due to intoxication and inappropriate behavior.

“There weren’t any major dramas other than a handful of drunk idiots.” Manager Nathan Stratton said.

Throughout the six-hour event, security was observed to have handled the rowdy 1200 guests extremely well.

“Security didn’t have to exhort any force on guest that were seen to be overly drunk.” Stratton added

Oktoberfest at the Unibar is known as one of the most successful events organized by the Unicentre events committee and the outsourced booking agent, Big Apachee.

Each year, the staff members at Unibar and Unicentre anticipate the biggest year.

The event included Pretzel eating contests and ‘lucky door’ prize give-a-ways.

The traditional German steins were $8.00.


Bratwurst eating competition


Get your Lederhosen on!


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