Coffee, Coin and Company

Which Café on Campus has the best coffee experience for your buck?

Professional barista and part owner of The Bookstation, a café in Sydney, Tippi Halpin is a self-professed coffee connoisseur and knows what she’s talking about!

“It’s not easy to make the perfect latte.” Tippi boasts, so for two days, I decided to put her expertise to the test. She kindly agreed to spend time with me on Campus exploring every coffee house and rating the experience by the following criteria,

–       Cost

–       Ambiance

–       Taste

–       Service

By the end, we were given a clear indication of which is the best place to get the best tasting coffee for the best price and here are the results

Drum roll please….

Panizzi! According to Tippi (and myself) Panizzi has the perfect ingredients for that perfect cup- and we’re not just talking about the espresso!

“I love the balance between take-away and sit-in” Tippi explains, “It’s the only place where good energy from those sitting having coffee successfully meets those who are waiting for their take-away.”

I have to add that the waiting time was less than 4 minutes, a-lot faster and more efficient than most other cafes.

We picked up our coffee from a friendly barista known as Josh and headed off to a table.

Once seated, Tippi not only enjoyed the semi- alfresco environment but was also impressed with the modern décor. Much of Panizzi’s appeal is attributed to long, polished wooden tables placed underneath shelves housing mini double-decker buses and Union Jack suitcases. Hanging above, are re-prints of famous Banksy street art- an ode to the manager’s English roots.

Step over to the waiting area and students can read about up-and-coming events at the Unibar or the latest music festival.

“It really has everything.” Tippi concludes, “…and at only $3.00 for a standard cup.”

With great, friendly service, funky, modern décor and a “smooth, delicious espresso”, I doubt I would ever come across a UOW student who doesn’t enjoy Panizzi.

Can’t wait to see you there!


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Bachelor of Media Communications and Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Wollongong
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